Please join us for a community conversation on the extractive economics and ecological degradation of conventional real estate

development in Connecticut towns and villages.



We discuss:


• Who benefits?


• Who pays?



and most important...


• How do we residents and taxpayers build value that stays and grows in our communities?



Speakers:  TILL founder Jane Philbrick and co-founder Olivia Greenspan, and fashion designer Jacob Olmedo



Hosted by Save Our Shelton (SOS)



TILL is an international, intergenerational, multidisciplinary team focused on holistic, community-based brownfield regeneration. We

seek community-specific solutions that engage the global context. Our inclusive development process includes hosting community

conversations with emerging and established leaders in diverse fields to build awareness and common ground on key issues of social, 

economic, and ecological sustainability and opportunity at the local level. 2017-2018 program (to date): phytoremediation, financial

and community cost, suburban mobility, creative industries, indoor agriculture, carbon-negative building technologies, young people

serving in local government, and soil health.